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Bottle 457 - 5 Mast Ship
Date Added: 28 January 2007

This is a 5 masted clipper ship built in a Gonzalez Byass light green tinted bottle. The unidentified ship has a black hull and white bulwarks with black port holes. The hull is built as a whole hulled model and shows the keel. The ship has 5 masts and has 37 sails that appear to be made from cloth. The is good proportion in the size of the masts, yards, and spars. Atop each mast is a flag or banner. The flag of Spain flies from the center mast. The rigging is exceptional showing both standing and running rigging. The standing rigging is made from black thread an the running rigging is brown thread. The ship has shroud and ratlines rigged to each mast and each mast has three sets of shrouds. There are different deck levels and the ship is built with 2 large cabins painted white with a flat roof and black port holes. The bow sprit is nicely made and is shown with a dolphin striker. The bottle is sealed with a plastic cap.
Type: 5 Mast Ship   Maker's Name:
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Spain
Bottle Size: 12" x 3 1/2"   Year Made: 1940's
Bottle Type: Gonzalez Byass