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Bottle 450 - Jesus with Angels
Date Added: 15 November 2006

This is a very nice scene of the crucifixion with multiple religious symbols. The figure of Jesus is cut out from an old black and white Holy Card and it has an INRI plaque showing. The cross is joined with a lap joint with a wooden peg going through the middle and sticking out of the back approximately 1/8." The top of the cross and the ends of each arm are notched and then carved to a point. On one side of the cross arm is an ornately carved lantern suspended from a white string. On the other side are three wooden dice also suspended from a white string. The cross sits on a cross base that is joined by a lap joint. On the front section of the base are three wooden nails, a wooden flail with strings knotted on the ends. There is also a pair of wooden pliers and a large mallet. On each side of the base are carved wooden trees on the outside that are carved to create the shape and the foliage of the tree. Next to the trees are long poles mounted to the base that cross each other in the center back of the cross. One of the poles is a spear and the other a sponge. On the outside back of the base piece is a tall ornately carved pedestal that is made in a similar fashion to the lantern. The pedestal comes to a point at the top and on the very top is a carved rooster with a red comb. Behind the pedestal is a ladder with 6 rungs. The base of the bottle is covered with some foliage. Near the top back of the bottle are two angels cut out from colored Holy Cards and glued to the glass, one on each side of the cross. The bottle is sealed with a small cork.
Type: Crucifixion with Symbols   Maker's Name:
Category: Religious   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 9 1/4" x 2 7/8"   Year Made: 1890- 1910
Bottle Type: Blown w/Applied Top