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Bottle 431 - Brig
Date Added: 25 June 2006

This is a model of a 2 masted Brig sailing on a sea of blue inside a small Haig's dimple shaped bottle. The ships has a black hull and a white stripe near the top with gun posts painted on each side. The ship has 2 masts but no rigging. There are seven sails flying with seam lines and reef lines drawn on. The bottle is sealed with the original metal silver colored screw cap. This ship is one of several made by Marcel Escurat in the 1960's while he and his family lived in Paimpol in Bretagne, France.
Type: Brig   Maker's Name: Escurat, Marcel
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Paimpol in Bretagne, France
Bottle Size: 3 1/2" x 1 3/4"   Year Made: 1960's
Bottle Type: Haig's Dimple  

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