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Bottle 1149 - 1909 Worner Saloon Bottle
Date Added: 22 August 2014

1909 Worner Saloon- This is a non-named saloon of typical construction but is well made with four carved figures: two patrons, a bartender, & the missing man. It is in a strap sided whiskey flasks which he used less than the rounded bottles. Typical rows of bottles and cigar boxes appear in back with "UNION CIGARS" and "CUBA 100". The 100 may be $1.00 or 100 cigars in the box. Each patron holds a beer mug and there is a bottle on the table with a chair and four of the normal green potted plants. These pieces would likely have been pre-carved and built inside the bottle upon receipt of the bottle itself or even brought to a saloon completely assembled and ready for trade or it might have come up after Worner ran up a bar tab. The colors are still vibrant after almost 105 years. It is unsigned and undated by hand, but has a card used for the back which is dated 1909 and it is very possible the card on the back reveals even the month and near day it was made, December (in German) 11, 1909, as I do not believe the placement of this where it was visible would've been by accident. The bottle is sealed with the original cork. It measures 9 1/8" tall X 4 1/2" at its widest X 2 & 3/4" at its deepest.
Type: 1909 Worner Saloon Bottle   Maker's Name: Worner, Carl
Category: Figures   Made Where: United States
Bottle Size: 9 1/8" x 4 1/2"   Year Made: 1909, December 11
Bottle Type: Whiskey Flask