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Bottle 901 - La Vaudoise
Date Added: 15 February 2011

"La Vaudoise" is a vintage barque of Lake Geneva, Switzerland. She was launched in 1932 and worked on Lake Geneva as a freight barque transporting materials such as stone, timber, and sand throughout the Lake region until 1948 when this method of moving goods ended. Today, "Vaudoise" serves as a historical reminder of the activity taking place on the Lake, and as a pleasure craft, carrying passengers during the summer months. The model was crafted in two sections to maintain scale while still being able to pass through the bottle neck. She carries two lateen sails and a jib. On deck, you can see the heavy winch, ropes, bits, and side boards running the length of the hull. Her masts, cleats, hatches, tiller, and other parts have been painted the barque's bright color scheme. Behind, she tows the naviot (dinghy), and important element to any Barque. Overall, the boat is 4" long.
Type: Freight Barque of Lake Geneva   Maker's Name: Rogers, Heather
Category: Watercraft   Made Where: Switzerland
Bottle Size: 9 1/4" x 4" (23.5 cm x 10 cm)   Year Made: 2011
Bottle Type: Blown Bottle  

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