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Bottle 381 - Fertile LH250
Date Added: 01 January 2006

This is a very nice diorama of a trawler sailing on choppy waters past a city. The trawler hull is in natural wood with a red bottom, small white stripe above the red and then 2 thin lines of silver along the mid-hull. On the bow and stern there is a "LH250." The deck has a cabin near the stern with windows of silver foil glued on the sides and front. There is a small hatch behind the large cabin and a long cargo area show mid deck. There are 3 other deck features along the deck. The trawler has 2 masts. The one on the stern has a single square sail with drawn on stitches and reef lines flying between 2 spars. A banner with the name "Fertile" flies from top of the mast. A 2nd mast is near the bow and is not raised. In the rear of the bottle there is an island with a large lighthouse. The lighthouse is white with a red strip and black window. The top of the lighthouse has windows framed with black paint. There is a diamond like bead used for the light. Along the length of the bottle is a land mass with 10 house, another large building to the rear of the bottle and a large church with 2 steeples to the front. All the building are white with windows and doors drawn on in pencil, white chimneys and red roofs. There are 4 grouping of foliage for trees. The bottle is sealed with a cork.
Type: Trawler   Maker's Name:
Category: Watercraft   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 10 1/4" x 3"   Year Made: 1930's
Bottle Type: Unidentified