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Bottle 1002 - CT River Scene
Date Added: 27 September 2012

From the Artist: "The scene is depicting a sailboat making it's way up the CT river. It is just passing daymark 45 which is near Chester, CT, just south of Goodspeed Opera House in Haddam, CT. There are folks fishing on the river banks with several canoeists paddling along the rivers edge as well. The model has an aspen hull with basswood and mahogany trim. The sails are cotton rag paper. The style of the boat is taken from Herreshoff NY 30 plans with some poetic license to suit the CT river motif. The sea is made of air hardening clay (Plasticine). Detail trim pieces are wood or brass wire strips. The rocks were actually taken from the CT river. Nothing special about them, except that they fit through the neck of the bottle. Although everything is "one of a kind" handmade, I have to admit to the SIB purists that the colored trees and some of the human figures were taken from HO model railroad scenery. The bottle was purchased in an antique store and is hand blown glass with lots of air bubbles and imperfections. I am not sure of the age of the bottle as there are no markings on it, but it does have a pontil scar on the base and there are no tell tale machine mold seams on it. It could be a modern bottle made to look old. This bottle was a gift to my daughter who recently moved to the area and frequently encounters scenes such as this when she walks her dog in the early evening along the river."
Type: Herreshoff 30   Maker's Name: Sheridan, Bill
Category: Watercraft   Made Where: Southington, Connecticut
Bottle Size: 1½ gallon (6 liters)   Year Made: 2012
Bottle Type: Antique Bottle Hand Blown Glass