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Bottle 263 - Ross Crane
Date Added: 01 October 2005

This is a different and unique "Ross Crane" in a bottle. The crane is made in multiple pieces and then assembled in the bottle. There are 8 wheels with hubcaps. The main body is black and there are multiple items toward the underside of the carriage. The main cab is cream colored and shows windows and a door with a large "R" painted on. Behind the cab are large red boxes and a spare tire. The cab of the crane has doors and windows and has the words "Ross" and Crane Hire" painted on it. The main crane is the same cream color and has the normal parts you would expect on a crane. The cables operating the crane extend from a mounted pulley on the end of the crane to a pulley near the operating cab of the crane. A large "ROSS" is painted on and there is also the word "Tadano" painted on white on a black background. There are mud flaps with light reflectors and a license plate with the numbers 1973(?) presumably the year the model was made. The crane is mounted on a concrete road with a white strip. There is a town scene of "Peterhead, Scotland" with multiple buildings glued on the back of the bottle. The back of the bottle is also pained sky color. On the bottle is a small medallion that says "'MADE BY D. MACINTOSH, PETERHEAD"
Type: Ross Crane   Maker's Name: Macintosh, D.
Category: Vehicle   Made Where: Peterhead, Scotland
Bottle Size: 10" x 3"   Year Made: 1973
Bottle Type: Scotland Liquor Bottle