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Bottle 533 - The Neighbor's Cape Cod
Date Added: 23 March 2007

This is a model of a Cape Cod house built in a bottle. This model was inspired by the home of the neighbor of the artist, Kevin Stoltzfus. The house is wonderful built and detailed with a clapboard siding, painted white, over a timber construction. The roof is made from individual wood shingles, and there is a tall stone chimney along the side of the house. The wood front porch has a large brown and white whiskey jug planter with cattails coming out of the opening. The front of the house has an inviting front door with two small windows in the top of the door, a door knob and wood framing. There are two side-by-side windows with curtains to the right of the door. The right side of the house has two more windows separated by the stone chimney. The left side of the house has two separate windows on the first floor and a single window on the second floor. Finally, there are two separate windows on the back of the house. All of the windows except for the upstairs window has planters built under the window sill with bright yellow flowers filling the planters.
Type: Cape Cod House   Maker's Name: Stoltzfus, Kevin
Category: Structure   Made Where: Lancaster, PA
Bottle Size: 5 gallon   Year Made: 1983
Bottle Type: Water Bottle  

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