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Bottle 412 - Cabin and Outhouse
Date Added: 15 February 2006

This is a log cabin built in a bottle. The cabin is built from square logs that end in a lap joint to accept the next log. It is built 4 logs high. The roof is built from 4 slats with the one over the porch slightly angled. There is a small red chimney on the front left of the cabin. The cabin has a small paned window with a shutter to each side. The door has a small wooden door handle and is built from a section of wood glued to the logs. On the front porch of the cabin is a small chair on the side of the cabin is a stack of firewood with an axe leaning against the firewood. To the right of the cabin is a small outhouse with a lean-to roof and a small door drawn on in pencil. The cabin sits on a wooden floor made up from 5 slats of wood. The bottle is sealed with a cork. This bottle was bought at a Mule Day celebration in Georgia.
Type: Cabin and Outhouse   Maker's Name:
Category: Structure   Made Where: Georgia
Bottle Size: 12" x 5 1/4"   Year Made: 1980's
Bottle Type: Unidentified Liquor