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Bottle 821 - Lungwha
Date Added: 03 August 2011

This is a highly detailed model of a ship called the Lundgha. It is a three mast ship flying 18 cloth sails. The ship's hull is white with thin blue line long the middle. The ship's name "Lungwha" is painted on the bow of the ship on both sides. The deck has white rails on the bow and stern sections and there are several deck cabins and features. The ship has both running and standing rigging with shrouds and ratlines. There are signal flags attached to the rigging of the mizzenmast. A large British flag flies from the rigging. The sip sails on a sea of green with white waves. A 1974 copper Elizabeth coin is secured in the ocean near the bow of the ship. The bottles is sealed in its original can and the Teacher's labels are firmly attached. Near the bottom and inside the bottle is a label with "N.D. Shaw, 1995"; the name of the maker and the year. Under the sea is a large piece of paper with the following dedication written on it: "1995 - 50 years since V-J & V-E Day, when war ended in Europe & the Far East & P.O.W.'s & internees were released from captivity. This ship is dedicated to those from the Lungwha Camp in Shanghai, China. Especially to Helicia Kerr, Mrs. R. Kerr & family." Lunghua Civil Assembly Centre was one of the internment camps eventually established by the Empire of Japan in Shanghai for European and American citizens, who had anyway been resident under Japanese occupation since December 1941. James Graham Ballard was interned in the camp as an adolescent. His experiences there inspired the book (and subsequent movie) Empire of the Sun.
Type: 3 Mast Ship   Maker's Name: Shaw, N.D.
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 12 1/5" x 4 3.8"   Year Made: 1995
Bottle Type: Teacher's Highland Cream