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Bottle 726 - Frigate
Date Added: 09 November 2010

This is a highly detailed 3 mast frigate ship in a bottle sailing on a calm sea of blue. The ship has three masts and 27 sails flying. A Spanish flag flies from the rigging. The ship is a gun ship with a black hull with a white strip in the middle. There are 14 gun ports. The deck is natural wood and there is a large white deck cabin with a red roof mid-ship. There is some railing, painted white on both the bow and stern of the ship. The bowsprit is well-rigged and sports a dolphin striker. The ship has both standing and running rigging. The bottle is sealed with a Turks Head decoration made from glittering red rope. The bottle is a Log Cabin Syrup bottle that says "GIVE ME YOUR TIRED YOUR POOR YOUR HUDDLED MASSES". The upper part of the bottle has the shape of the Statue of Liberty raised in the glass. On the bottom, it has "LOG CABIN" raised in the glass.. As wonderful as the ship is, the stand is equally magnificent. The base stand is a stained and polished oval piece of dark wood. Around the side of the platform is a length of manila rope. The ship rests on two custom wooden supports shaped to the contour of the bottle. The supports are joined by two dowels completely covered with dark brown macramé roping with a Turks Head knot on each end. In both the front and the rear of the base is a Turks head knot with a sea shell rising from the middle. On the front of the base is a rope macramé pattern.
Type: Frigate   Maker's Name:
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: United States
Bottle Size: 8" x 4"   Year Made: 1976
Bottle Type: Log Cabin Syrup Bottle