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Bottle 720 - 4 Mast Bark
Date Added: 16 October 2010

This is a very nicely made 4 mast Bark anchored in a sea of green near a small landmass. The Bark has fine rigging and flies two banners and the American flag from the rigging of the mizzenmast. The bottom of the ship is red and the hull painted black. The deck is natural wood and does not have any deck details. The land is built in the end of the bottle and is dark green. A single red and white lighthouse is in built on the land. The back of the bottle is painted light blue with white swirls of clouds painted in the sky. The bottle is sealed with the original plastic screw top. The bottle sits on a wooden stand with a raised wooden backdrop.
Type: 4 Mast Bark   Maker's Name:
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: America
Bottle Size: 9 1/2" x 4"   Year Made: 1920 - 1930
Bottle Type: Duraglas with Measurements