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Bottle 684 - Captain Christian Nilson Memorial
Date Added: 29 December 2008

This is a wonderful memorial to Captain Christian Neilson, the captain of a ship, the Versones, a three masted barque, which sailed from Grimstad, Norway. The memorial contains a portrait of Captain Neilson and a replica of his actual ship built in a bottle. Captain Neilson apparently died at the Bay of Biskay in France in 1892. This commemorative piece was made 50 years later, in 1942, by J. D. Earle. The name of the ship, the Versones, is on a plaque on each side of the hull. The ship is very well made and with very good proportions and details. In the bottle and beneath the sea is the following information: "Capt Chr Nilson - Grinistad 1892 by JD Earle 1942." The portrait of Capt. Nilson is in an oval Victorian metal frame with a description at the bottom that states: Captain Christian Neilson 1892 - died - Bay of Biskay France. M Johnson Fathers Brother - K. Reiters Grandma - Home port Grinistad, Norway - 1942 J. Earle made ship. There is also a framed image of the seaport, the way it looked in the 1800's. It should be noted that there are some inconsistencies in the spelling of the names in this bottle and plaque.
Type: 3 Masted Barque   Maker's Name: Earle, JD
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where:
Bottle Size:   Year Made: 1942
Bottle Type: