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Bottle 654 - General Charles H. Taylor Collection
Date Added: 24 August 2009

This is a very old and wonderfully made model of a 3 mast Bark anchored in a sea of green near a small land mass. The Bark has a black hull and a this yellow strip near the top of the hull. There are raised deck sections on the bow and stern that are painted white and there is deck railing around both sections. Port windows are painted in black on the white sections. The ship has 3 masts with bead caps on the very top. The rigging is exceptional with both standing and running rigging, accurately portrayed with block and tackle used in the rigging. The deck is full of details including two large cabins, painted white with red roofs and post windows in black. Each cabin has two lifeboats on top that are white and painted to emulate a gray tarp covering the boats. There are several hatches and multiple other deck features on the bow and stern of the ship. There is a small area of land the rises to one side and the back. There is a white lighthouse with a green roof and a large house that is painted white with a red roof. Door and window features are painted on the house. There are four trees painted green on the land. The bottle is sealed with a cork. This ship was previously owned and came from the personal collection of a well known family from Boston. According to the previous owner, "it came from an estate sale for Margaret Pillsbury (Sorbello), the granddaughter of General Charles H. Taylor, the owner and creator of the Boston Globe until his death in 1921."
Type: 3 mast Bark Scene   Maker's Name:
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 11" x 3 1/2"   Year Made: 1890 - 1900
Bottle Type: One Quart Liquor Bottle