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Bottle 647 - General Charles H. Taylor Collection
Date Added: 24 August 2009

This is a stunning vintage scene built around 1900. The bottle contains 5 ships of various types sailing in a sea near a small town or village. The main ship is a three mast Bark shown at anchor. The hull is black, the deck in natural wood and the masts are painted white. The Bark shows standing rigging in black thread. The is also a three masted schooner with 5 sails and a large cabin on deck. A smaller yawl sails nearby with a single mast and 2 sails. There is a small one mast boat with a single sail on the backside of the main ship. The last boat is a two mast yacht moored along side a pier jutting out into the water. The pier is "L" shaped and is built with individual plank for the decking and wooden posts in the water. There is a gray boathouse facing the sea. The land is flat and level at the pier and there is a large white church with a red rood and tall steeple. In front. There are also two houses nearby that are painted like the church with windows and doors outlined in black. There is a large cliff rising high above the level ground and plateaus on the top. On the level top is a white lighthouse with a house nearby. The bottle is sealed with a cork that is covered with old red sealing wax covering the opening and part of the neck. The bottle is marked "B & M" encircled, and bottom has "Glasgow & London, Black McDonald & Co." Under the bottle is has "Contents 40 Ounces" and "One Imperial Quart." This ship was previously owned and came from the personal collection of a well known family from Boston. According to the previous owner, "it came from an estate sale for Margaret Pillsbury (Sorbello), the granddaughter of General Charles H. Taylor, the owner and creator of the Boston Globe until his death in 1921."
Type: Harbor Scene in a Bottle   Maker's Name:
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 9 3/4" x 3 1/2"   Year Made: 1900 - 1920
Bottle Type: Black McDonald & Co, Glasgow & London