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Bottle 512 - Lady Jane
Date Added: 12 August 2007

This is a very nicely made model of a Brig, named the "Lady Jane." The ship is sailing on a relatively calm sea of blue. The ship has two masts and 12 sails. The masts and spars are well made and in proportion to the length of the hull. The ship is rigged with realistic black lines. The hull is painted black and the deck is a light, natural wood color. The bowsprit is made in two sections and has a dolphin striker. The deck has two deck cabins and a lifeboat turned upside down. The bottle has a label on the inside just below the neck and on top that reads: "Lady Jane R.D. Corbett 1975" referring to the ship's name, the maker and the year made. The bottle is sealed with a decorative screw cap.
Type: Brig   Maker's Name: Corbett, R. D.
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: United Kingdom
Bottle Size: 8 1/4" x 4"   Year Made: 1975
Bottle Type: White Horse Dist. Ltd.