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Bottle 455 - Margriet
Date Added: 03 January 2007

This is a scene of a 3 masted Bark, the "Margiert," anchored in a sea of green outside a town in the Netherlands. The bottom of the ship's hull is red an the remainder is in dark natural wood. The name "Margriet" is on the bow of the ship. The ship has 3 masts and has nicely proportioned masts and yards. The rigging is well done and shows both standing and running rigging. Atop each mast is a flag, one of which is the flag of the Netherlands. A long banner flies from the rigging from the stern spar. On the deck of the ship are two cabins, one in the bow and a larger one in the stern. The town is set on a land that rises about 3/4" above the sea and is coated in a light brown material much like fine sawdust. This same material goes up the back of the bottle to form the appearance of a mountain or hill. There are 10 houses, a large church with a steeple, a large windmill, and a lighthouse. All the buildings are colorfully painted and the church has aluminum foil windows and small beads on the front. There is also gold foil on the windmill. The light house has gold foil and several blue beads. There are 4 trees across the bottle and the limbs are thin strips of foil. The back of the bottle is pained white and the bottle is sealed with a cork with a plastic lid.
Type: 3 Masted Bark   Maker's Name:
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Netherlands
Bottle Size: 10" x 3 1/2"   Year Made: 1960's
Bottle Type: Bols Gin