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Bottle 928 - Crucifixion Scene in a Bottle
Date Added: 30 September 2015

This is a very nice late 1800's crucifixion scene with Jesus hanging on the cross surrounded by many religious symbols. Jesus and the multiple religious symbols are nicely carved in a light colored natural wood. The cross and the base is a very dark wood. Above Jesus head is a plaque with "JN" on top and "RN" on the bottom. In front of Jesus is an altar with two platforms decoratively carved. On the platforms are a skull and two crossed dagger shaped objects. Behind that is a challis with a host above it. There are tow tall candles on either side with a white flower near the top of each. In the bottle is also a pair of pliers, sponge on a long pole, a spear, a ladder with 8 rungs, A mallet, a flail, and a large roster on a tall pedestal. There are several white flowers throughout the bottle. The bottle is sealed with a wooden stopper and a double locking mechanism.
Type: Crucifixion Scene in a Bottle   Maker's Name:
Category: Religious   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 6" x 2 1/5"   Year Made: 1890's
Bottle Type: Unknown Raised 250