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Bottle 814 - Ornate Altar
Date Added: 30 August 2013

This bottle contains a very attractive, well built ornate cross with religious symbols. The cross is natural wood with natural and red stained wood designs added to give an additional dimension. Above and below the crosspiece of the cross are arcs that form a circle around the cross. Wood dowels sharpened with a point on the ends are equally spaced around the circle. The circle with the sharpened dowels represent the Crown of Thorn worn by Jesus. At the base of the cross is a raised altar with two small silver colored statues; one of Mary, and one of Joseph. A red stained chalice is position between the statues. In front of that are three spikes. On one side of the altar is a large red shovel on a long pole. On the other side is a large red spear. On one of the cross is a large sponge on a pole and a large hammer and on the other side is a large pick axe. On the backside of the cross is a red axe. On one side of the base on the back is a flail, and on the other is a large pair of pliers. A large red ladder with 13 rungs leans against the cross. Next to the cross on both sides are red vases with a light natural dried foliage going to the top of the cross. On the bottle are the words "Federal Law Forbids Sale or Re-use of this Bottle."
Type: Ornate Cross and Symbols   Maker's Name:
Category: Religious   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 10 1/2" x 3 1/5"   Year Made: 1930 - 1940's
Bottle Type: One Quart, D529, 65-9