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Bottle 804 - Fan Rooster, Jesus and Two Thieves
Date Added: 10 April 2013

This is an amazing scene of the crucifixion built in 1906. The carvings and detailed work are fantastic and show a high degree of artistry. The figures of Jesus and the thieves are nicely carved and show strong facial features. Jesus' feet rest on a slanted footrest, while the feet of the thieves are tied to the cross with a red thread. Each figure has a loin cloth made from yarn wrapped around the figure. Jesus has a pink thread and the thieves are blue. Below Jesus is a white fabric with a red stripe near the top. The cross has many religious symbols including a chalice, pliers, mallet, spear, sponge, flail, dice, shovel, and a scull. There is also a ladder with eight rungs. On the third rung from the bottom is a plaque with "1906," the year the bottle was made. Near the top rung is a wooden disc with a face drawn in pencil. The purpose of the face and what it is intended to represent is unknown. There are two tall pedestals on the front platform that are ornately carved and wrapped with a thin metal ribbon. One has a rooster on top and the other has a lantern. Behind the pedestals are smaller pedestals. One has a heart painted in gold with fine threads extending from the top. The other pedestal has a heart painted in gold with a nicely carved dagger stuck through the heart on an angle. In the back of the bottle is a tall pedestal with a delicate and finely carved fan with gold paint on the tips of the 16 fan blades and gold dots right above a red thread that is woven through the blades. On top of the cross is a wonderful bid with wings and tail made from wooden fan blades. The bird has a plumed feathers on its head made from fine threads. The bottle is sealed with a wooden stopper with a gold cross carved on the end of the part inside the bottle. The stopper has a tamper proof crosspiece making it impossible to remover the stopper. On top of the stopper and bottle is a large carved round cap with multiple silver dots painted on the top. There is one more known bottle made by this artist in 1909 and is featured in the book "Genius in a Bottle" 2003 by Susan Jones.
Type: Fan Rooster, Jesus and Two Thieves   Maker's Name:
Category: Religious   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 9" x 3 1/2"   Year Made: 1906
Bottle Type: Unidentified