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Bottle 803 - Cross and Symbols
Date Added: 17 April 2010

This is a bottle with a religious scene containing a cross and other religious symbols. It includes the cross and a ladder, pick, hammer, saw, shovel, spears, stars, and beads. There is a stick at the top of the cross with 4 colored beads. There are 4 stars shapes on the front of the cross and what looks like a crown at the top of the cross. The stars are made in such a way they can be collapsed while the cross is placed in the bottle through the neck and then fanned out once inside. There are also 2 nail shapes with a blue bead on each. There are Cyprus tree-like carvings in the bottle. This bottle is filled with liquid to help preserve the contents. This bottle was given to the owner some 30 years ago by a late uncle, who was given it by a great aunt who said it was made from wood of a ship by a sailor. It was referred to as "Jacob's ladder". The bottle is sealed with a cork.
Type: Cross and Religious Symbols   Maker's Name:
Category: Religious   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 30 cm or 12"   Year Made: 1900 - 1930
Bottle Type: Unidentified, letter E on the base