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Bottle - Crucifixion and 4 Guards in Bottle
Date Added: 07 April 2018

This is a crucifixion scene showing Jesus hanging on the cross with 4 sentries standing guard. The cross of Jesus is a dark brown wood with the other carvings in the bottle are in a much lighter wood. Jesus is wonderfully carved with very detailed facial features. He is depicted with a long black beard and black hair with a crown of thorns. His legs are carved so that they are bent at the knees and He is wearing a white loin cloth. Toward the top of the cross is a plaque with "INRE" drawn on. On one side of the cross arm is a chalice and on the other side is a small pitcher. Mounted to the cross arm on the back side is a pair of pliers, and long pole with a sponge, a mallet, and a long spear. Dangling from one side of the cross arm is a sword and a club is hanging from the other side. Near the bottom of the cross is a carved skull and crossbones. Below the skull is a carved box that looks like the top of a parapet. The cross is mounted on a large base that goes from one side of the bottle to the other. Leaning against the back of the cross is a narrow ladder with 10 rungs. There is a tall pedestal on each side with three dice stacked on one pedestal and a roster on the other one. On each side of the main base are two other smaller pieces of wood going from the front to back of the bottle. On the fours arms formed by these cross pieces are mounted 4 guards. The guards are all identical and are carved in a very narrow and unique way. Each have distinctive facial features painted on in black. They have black hair and helmets with top pieces. They are wearing a uniform and each is holding a long spear. All of the guards face the front of the bottle. Their carved garment is very distinctive and has a row of black dots. The bottle is sealed with a wooden stopper with a cross piece making it impossible to get in the bottle. This bottle is made by the same artist who made bottle ID 371 and 434; a bottle featured in a book called "Genius in a Bottle" on page 133; and also a bottle found at http://sdjones.net/FolkArt/crossegyptian.html.
Type: Crucifixion and 4 Guards in Bottle   Maker's Name:
Category: Religious   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 11 1/5" x 3 1/8"   Year Made: 1880 - 1890s
Bottle Type: Two Mold