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Bottle 563 - St. Joseph
Date Added: 23 March 2008

This bottle contains a paper cutout of Jesus hanging on a wooden cross. The cross is made from light natural colored wood and has a groove cut around each end of the cross. Below Jesus is a pendant-type cut out with Jesus on a cross an the words "Vent Sponsa Christi." The cross sets on a wooden base that touches each side of the bottle. To each side of the cross are tall flower arrangements with pink flowers and a ribbon in red, white and blue. In front of the cross is a twig of small white flowers. Glued to the bottom of the front of the bottle is a Holy Card cutout of Joseph with his arms around a young Jesus. At the bottom of the card are the words "St. Joseph." On the backside of the bottle in the same position is another Holy Card cutout with the chalice a verse. The bottle is sealed with a wooden shaft with a tamper proof wooden cross piece. Suspended from the bottom of the shaft is a small white flower. A rounded square top painted gold is outside the bottle. The bottle has a square with a circle and the letters WENS raised on the bottom of the bottle and to each side are measurements in imperial on one side and metric on the other, Raised on the glass on the top, back of the bottle is "3xvi." Inside the bottom on the bottom is a paper label with the following written on it: "August 9, 1932, 524 General St., Milwaukee, WIS, John Vidergar."
Type: Crucifixion Altar   Maker's Name: Vidergar, John
Category: Religious   Made Where: Milwaukee, WI
Bottle Size: 8 3/4" x 3 1/4"   Year Made: 1932, August 9
Bottle Type: WENS