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Bottle 417 - Pilgrimage Crucifixion
Date Added: 02 March 2006

This is a very folksy scene of the Crucifixion. The scene shows Jesus hanging from the wooden cross. The figure of Jesus is carved in wood and is nearly 4" high. Jesus' features are fairly detailed with a very pronounced rib cage. The wounds of Jesus including his hands, feet, knees, and chest are painted in blood red. The loin cloth is actual cloth. There are nails driven through the hands and feet. The cross has INRI on a wooden plaque at the top of the cross. The bottle has many carved items including: Ladder with 13 rungs, spear with a blood soaked tip, sponge, lantern, flail, saw, crude dice, chalice and host with a cross drawn on. There are 3 distinctly carved posts with candle on top of each. The are 2 more pedestals; one with a black coffin with a gold cross and the other that may represent a scourging post since it has red blood colored paint all about. There are 3 cockleburs in the scene; one on top of the cross and two at the base between the candles. The bottle is sealed with a wooden shaft and carved top. Glued around the sides and top of the wooden top are the caps of acorns. The following account came from the original seller of this bottle, the bottle: "This old bottle came from Jerusalem. It was obtained about 50 years by my grandfather on a pilgrimage in Jerusalem and he brought it back with him where it has remained in the family since that time." This bottle is nearly identical to Bottle ID 213 and is similar in features to Bottle ID 357 although they are are markedly different.
Type: Pilgrimage Crucifixion Bottle   Maker's Name:
Category: Religious   Made Where: Jerusalem
Bottle Size: 12" x 2 3/4"   Year Made: 1950's
Bottle Type: Unidentified