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Bottle 389 - Crucifixion Temple
Date Added: 01 January 2006

This is a wonderful scene of the crucifixion under a covered temple-like structure. The structure sits on 2 black support pieces that were carved to the contour of the base of the bottle. The base of the temple is painted white and was built in 2 pieces. A smaller oval base sits on top of that and is also in 2 pieces. It is painted white with the edges in a gold color. Rising from the base are 5 columns painted white with a ring of gold near the top and the bottom of each column. These columns support a large ornate canopy that is oval in shape with a gold scalloped fence around the canopy. There is an egg shaped top pained green to look like copper. It has gold painted ribs extending from the bottom to the top of the canopy. On the very top of the dome sits a large gold rooster. The cross is painted black and sits on the white base. Jesus is carved from wood and the body is flesh colored and the loin cloth is gold. His face is wonderfully detailed and a crown of thorns is on his head. His arms and hands are nicely carved and a nail is painted on each hand. His legs are carved showing them turned toward the right, extending from the cross, and bent at the knees. His feet and toes are very detailed and a single nail is painted on the feet. Suspended on one side of the cross arm of the cross is a flail made from heavy thread and reed and on the other is a detailed lantern painted black with gold glass panes. On the cross arm is a carved hammer to one side and a pair of pliers on the other. There is an INRI plaque on the top of the cross. On the backside of the cross is a very detailed carved rooster. In front of the cross is a small altar with the bottom painted gold and a different carved shape over that painted black with the altar top painted red. Sitting on the altar are three dice and a gold chalice. There is a candle holder on each side of the altar in the same general shape and color as the altar. Each holds a large red candle with blue diagonal stripes. The bottle is a heavy blown bottle with a pronounced pontil. It is sealed with a cork with wax sealing the top.
Type: Crucifixion Scene   Maker's Name:
Category: Religious   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 10"x 5"   Year Made: 1840 - 1870
Bottle Type: Unidentified blown, pontil