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Bottle 357 - Crucifixion with Symbols
Date Added: 01 October 2005

This is a very detailed and folksy diorama of Jesus hanging on the cross with multiple religious and crucifixion symbols. All parts are in natural wood with red and blue diagonal lines painted on nearly every object in the bottle. The top of the cross has a large wooden ball with red and blue speckles and dots randomly paint on. Under the ball is a large plaque with the letters "INRI" written in pencil. Jesus is carved in wood and hangs on the cross with bent knees resting on a slanted foot hold glued to the cross. The head of Jesus is very large and his hair and beard is painted on in black. His nose is carved in relief and his mouth is painted in red. The hands and feet of Jesus are hung to the cross with wooden nails. His hands, arms and feet are covered in red blood. There is a stab wound with red blood on his chest. The cross sits on a base made with cross pieces and lap jointed together. On 2 sides there is an additional lap jointed cross piece holding many items. In front of the cross and on the second cross piece are 4 candles with red painted tips. The candleholders are carved in geometrical shapes and covered in thin diagonal lines. On the back side of the cross are the same carved geometrical shapes with a chalice and host on one side and 3 dice stacked in a triangle shape on the other. Between the 2 carved pieces is a ladder with 7 rungs leaning against the back of the cross. On one side of the cross is a large geometrical pedestal with what looks like a large book. On the other side is a similar pedestal with a carved black coffin with a large white cross painted on the top of the coffin. Leaning against the back of the cross are 2 long poles with a spear on one and a large wooden ball to represent a sponge on the other. Glued to the cross arm of the cross is a hammer on one side and a long saw with serrated teeth on the other. Hanging on one side of the cross arm is flail of red and white thread and on the other is a gourd-like wooden shape, probably to represent a lantern. The bottle is sealed with a wooden stopper with a large carved ball setting on a round base.
Type: Crucifixion Scene   Maker's Name:
Category: Religious   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 12" x 3"   Year Made:
Bottle Type: Unidentified