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Bottle 232 - Deus Autem Noster
Date Added: 01 October 2005

This is a very old, perhaps late 1800 model of a crucifixion scene in a bottle. There is a large wooden cross with a huge holy card cut out of Jesus wearing a red robe and the crown of thorns is visible on his head. He is holding what appears to be a palm branch. Below the figure of is a cut out of two women. There is a pillar of wood on the left of the cross with a carved rooster. On the other side is a similar pillar with a lantern on top. In front of the cross is 2 smaller wooden pieces, one has what resembles dice on top. On the back side of the cross is a ladder with 7 rungs. There is also a spear and a large axe. Mounted on the base is a reed with a sponge and a flail. The bottom of the bottle has moss-like material in the front. Inside the bottle near the bottom is a paper sticker with words written in Latin. The words are "Deus autem noster in coel (word(s) missing?) omnia quaecumque voluit fecit." I believe that this translates: "Our God in Heaven has done everything he wanted to."
Type: Religious Scene   Maker's Name:
Category: Religious   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 6" x 2 1/8"   Year Made: 1880 - 1900
Bottle Type: Unidentified