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Bottle 228 - Crucifixion
Date Added: 17 May 2006

This bottle contains a wooden cross sitting on a wooden base. The cross and base are covered with deep red velvet with a sparkly gold border. The figure of Jesus hanging on the cross is a paper cutout, perhaps from a Holy Card. A velvet/gold cover banner INRI hangs for the top of the cross. On one side of the cross is a paper cutout of Mary being comforted by 3 other women and on the other is an unidentified man. These backside of these cutouts are also covered in velvet. On the back side of the cross is a wooden ladder with six rungs. There is a wooden spear and long shovel leaning against the cross. The bottle is sealed with a rubber stopper painted gold. The Cross in the bottle was created by Georgios Christodoulou, an old man on there island of Cyprus, in a small village next to Pafos. The name of the village is Tsada. This was given to the man's doctor for helping him.
Type: Crucifixion   Maker's Name: Christodoulou, Georgios
Category: Religious   Made Where: Tsada, Cyprus
Bottle Size: 5 1/2" x 2 1/2"   Year Made: 2003
Bottle Type: Unidentified  

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Bottle ID: 227