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Bottle 222 - Our Savior
Date Added: 01 October 2005

This model depicts Jesus being crucified. A hand-drawn cutout of Jesus at the cross is glued to the wooden cross in the bottle. On each side of the horizontal section of the cross are two carved, wooden items. One resembles a jug or bottle and on the other side is small circular sphere, perhaps a lantern. In the bottle are typical pieces found in such scenes. There is a shovel, pick, axe, mallet, tongs, ladder, three dice, and two long poles, perhaps a spear and pole with sponge. There is a sign that reads "Our Savior" that rested on top of the cross. This is a model by John S. Bender of Lebanon, Pennsylvania who worked as an Iron Foundry worker. Another one of his bottles is featured on Page 135, figure 57, in the book "Genius in a Bottle 2003" by Susan D. Jones.
Type: Jesus Crucifixion   Maker's Name: Bender, John S.
Category: Religious   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 5 1/4" x 1 5/8"   Year Made: 1880 - 1890
Bottle Type: Unidentified Medicine type bottle