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Bottle 894 - Submarine Type II 1935
Date Added: 10 February 2011

This model was built by request for a relative who was a submariner for several years with the US Navy. It is based on the German Type II submarine, circa 1935, which was designed for shallow coastal waters. The older design of this sub has more interest than modern, sleek examples of submarines and it fills the bottle well. The submarine is mounted on a wood and brass stand; it is detailed with handrails, two periscopes, and anti-mine cables running fore and aft from the conning tower. The bottle is corked and sealed with wax.
Type: German Submarine   Maker's Name: Rakes, Clay
Category: Military   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 8" x 3"   Year Made: 2010
Bottle Type: Whisky decanter  

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