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Bottle 762 - Brown's Ferry Periauger
Date Added: 18 October 2009

From the Artist: "Brown's Ferry Periauger : This bottle was made for the 20th Georgetown Wooden Boat Show. I normally make a couple of pieces for them to use at the museum benefit live auction. They wanted a big model as well, but I did not have time to make that, so made this piece, the Brown’s Ferry Periauger. L: 50.2 ft, Beam: 14 ft., Sheer Height: 4 ft. Carrying capacity: 31 tons. Found in the Black River in the Brown’s Ferry area near Georgetown, SC in 1971, it was excavated and finally raised in 1975. Studied by nautical archeologist J. Richard Steffy, the wreck is one of the earliest examples of a coastal and inland waterway trading vessel known as a periauger found in America. Thought to be in cargo carrying service, not as a ferry, in the Winyah region around 1730-40 which indicates local ship building started early. Her live oak frames are planked with cypress and pine. She sank with a load of 12,000 bricks, which gave her only 10 inches of freeboard. Also discovered with the wreck were a navigational quadrant, four mill stones, smoking pipes, and two dozen wine bottles. " Jim Goodwin, 2009, Bottle # 1228, Antique Jim Beam Gallon bottle, Brown’s Ferry Periauger #1.
Type: Costal Trading Vessel   Maker's Name: Goodwin, Jim
Category: Liners   Made Where: Charlotte, NC
Bottle Size: One Gallon   Year Made: 2009
Bottle Type: Jim Beam  

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