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Bottle 61 - Peter (bow) Heiligenhafen (stern)
Date Added: 01 October 2005

Very funny and unusual scene of a passenger ferry pulled up to a landmass. The ferry has 2 masts, one with a sail and flag. There are many details on the ship which includes a raised deck with a deck or lookout above that. The upper deck has 3 lights that really come on. There are 6 N scale figures of sailors on the ship and a HO scale figure of a captain and women beside each other. The ship has staining, resembling rust. There is a lighthouse on land that lights up. On shore there are 2 café or restaurants with outdoor patios with table and chairs and a stone wall around each. The café lights ups and there are figures of people around each. Between the cafes is a waterfall flowing into the sea. A bridge crosses the falls and there is a red car (oversized scale) going over the bridge. There is a post by the bridge with a light on it that lights up. There are many figures of people both N and HO scale and shrubs around the scene. The bottle is painted on the back and bottom and is very heavy. All lights come on when the wires coming out of the top of the sealed cap are touched to a 9 volt battery.
Type: Passenger ferry   Maker's Name: Hampf, Peter
Category: Liners   Made Where: Heiligenhafen, Germany
Bottle Size: 19" x 4 1/2"   Year Made: 1960's
Bottle Type: Unmarked 3 liter with convex bottom