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Bottle 397 - POW Camp Q 1941
Date Added: 01 January 2006

This is a diorama of an unidentified Ocean Liner sailing on a calm sea of blue past a town. The liner has a black hull with port holes painted white on two levels from the bow to stern. A white anchor is painted on the bow and there are raised bulwarks on the bow. The deck floors are in natural wood. There are 2 deck level, each painted white with black painted port holes running up and down the decks. On the top deck is the steering cabin in 2 levels with port holes and windows painted on each. There is a large deck cabin in the center of the top deck that is painted brown with white port holes painted on the sides. There are 2 large and long steam stacks with black on the bottom then a strip of white with the top painted black. There are 3 red dots painted on each steam stack. The deck has 12 lifeboats on the top deck. The liner was built with a mast and single yard arm on the bow and on the stern section connected with rigging. The mast is off on the bow but is in the bottle. The town is seated on a steep hill. There are cliffs in brown color at the sea level and waves are crashing against the cliffs. There are 6 white house with red roofs and black windows and doors at various points on the land. The is a church in the center of the town that has a steeple to the left side. The church and steeple is painted white with black roofs and windows and door painted on. About 1/3 down from the neck of the bottle is a large waterfall the starts near the top of the hill and extends to the sea. A railed blue bridge spans the waterfall. There are 4 trees scattered in the landscape. The bottle is sealed with a metal cap. On the outside of the bottle and toward the bottom is the following painted in white: "P.O.W. Camp. Q. 1941.
Type: Liner   Maker's Name: POW Camp Q
Category: Liners   Made Where: POW Camp Q
Bottle Size: 10" x 4"   Year Made: 1941
Bottle Type: Turner Winw Co.