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Bottle 930 - Pool Hall in a Bottle
Date Added: 30 September 2015

This is a scene of a pool hall built in a 500 watt bottle by Robert Searight in 1958. The bulb contains two pool tables on a green wooden floor with balls on the tables. On both sides of each pool table are bridges for the cue sticks. Between the tables is a long table with playing cards across the top. There are two supports going up the sides with cue stick racks on both sides with seven sticks on each side. Across the supports is a rope line with bead counters. Above that is a banner that reads "Happy Hour-Pool hall" on one side and "Pool Your Dimes" on the other side. Below the floor holding the tables is a second level built on top of a large round dowel with the following written on it: "500 Watt Bulb, 5-11-1958" and "R. Searight 315 Norton Street Long Beach, California." On one side of the dowel is written "R.E. Searight 315 Norton Street Long Beach 5, California" and on the other side is "Gentle words, quiet words are after all the most powerful words. They are more convincing and compelling, more prevailing." The bulb is mounted in a large base painted beige. Under the base the following appears: "Made by: R.E. Searight 315 Norton Street Long Beach 5 California Telephone GA-2-8205."
Type: Pool Hall in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Searight, Robert
Category: Furniture   Made Where: Long Beach, California
Bottle Size: 8" x 4 3/4"   Year Made: 1958, May 11
Bottle Type: 500 Watt Light Bulb