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Bottle 511 - Grandfather Clock with Man and Dog
Date Added: 29 January 2012

This is a very unique bottle containing a working clock built to resemble a mantle or grandfather clock. The bottle is built on two levels. On the top level is a large clock. The large clock is made from pieces of black bakelite and wood painted in an ivory color. There are numerous brass screws on both the front and back of the clock securing the frame. The clock is from an old 1930's wristwatch and is in working condition. It is wound and the time is set by turning a long metal rod that goes from the top of the clock to inside a metck black cap sealing the bottle. The clock sits on a floor of bakelite covered with two pieces of ivory. The lower level contains the movements of the clock. The base is made from two wooden pieces carved to fit the contour of the bottles. On these wooden slats are three wooden floor boards forming a floor or platform. They are painted black and have a distinctive gold Greek Key or Greek Fret pattern in the middle the length of the board.There are long black bakelite earrings of the period hanging on each side of the support that emulate the weights of the clock. In the middle is another piece of decorative jewerly that serves as a pendulum. Inside the lower level is a man, a dog and two pine trees giving the notion that this is a Swiss clock. The bottle has "Federal Law Forbids Sale or Re-Use of the Bottle." This languages dates the bottle from 1933 - 1964. It is believed that this bottle is from the mid to late 1930's.
Type: Grandfather Clock with Man and Dog   Maker's Name:
Category: Furniture   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 9 1/4" x 3 1/4"   Year Made: 1930's
Bottle Type: Haller's Rock & Rye