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Bottle 1402 - Violin with Bow in a Bottle
Date Added: 10 March 2019

The Violin was made from kilned wood which was used for all of the parts except the string which were made from copper. The violin was inserted in the bottle in two parts and then glued together and placed on its wooden stand. The bow is positioned diagonally to the strings as if in a playing position. On the back of the stand is in identifying label with the name of the Artist "Adelio Buzzi" and the month and year this was made "February 2019. The bottle is sealed with a cork with a large carved wooden musical note on top.

Type: Violin with Bow in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Buzzi, Adelio
Category: Furniture   Made Where: Varese, Italy
Bottle Size: 28 cm x 9 cm   Year Made: 2019
Bottle Type: Bella Carola Wine Bottle