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Bottle 281 - Mining Scene
Date Added: 01 October 2005

This is a mining bottle made in Germany. There are 3 floors each with walls made from lengths of logs stacked vertically. There are posts and supports made of timbers to support the floors. There are figures of gold miners in various areas of the bottle performing different activities and each is molded from lead. The bottom floor is covered in coal dust and particles. There are 3 compartments. In one area is a wooden box containing large chunks of metallic ore. There is a large golden cross on the wall behind the box. There is a timber supported door opening to a second area. In that area is a man working at removing ore from wall of stone and rock. Beside him is a metal square plate with small pieces of ore. From that area is another supported door that leads to a third compartment which has a ladder rising to the floor above. There is a man climbing midway on the ladder. There are pieces of rock and quartz on the floor. The bottle is sealed with a cork and has red sealing wax with a cameo of a woman in the center. The second or middle floor also has three compartments. One area is where the ladder comes up from the bottom floor. The man on the ladder is half way into the second floor. There is a supported door going to a second area which has a wagon or cart full of rock and ore. There is another door going to the final area containing a man wheeling a wheelbarrow full of rock and ore. There is a torch on the wall near the door. The top floor is one scene with a man turning the handle on a well like yoke which contains a bucket full of ore being raised from the lower levels. The bucket is suspended on rope and extends through the floor opening. There is also a stacked section of logs with additional logs leaning against the pile ready to be used for supports. There are large piles of metallic ore and quartz around the floor.
Type: Mining Scene   Maker's Name: Kreibich, Christian
Category: Figures   Made Where: Weimar, Germany
Bottle Size: 7 3/4" x 4"   Year Made: 1990
Bottle Type: Unidentified