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Bottle 1004 - Long Arm of the Law
Date Added: 29 September 2012

"The Long Arm Of The Law" depicts an action scene from earlier times of a policeman using his bully club on a law breaker. The pieces are in natural wood and all pegged together (no glue) except where the feet meet the cross bar and at the hips I used a bit of glue to help the figures stay in position. The entire scene wobbles back and forth to give the impression of movement. The bottle is sealed with a wooden stopper that has a wooden crosspiece going through it making it impossible to remove the stopper from the bottle. On the stopper are the words: "Long Arm of the Law." The bottle is an Old Quaker 1/2 pint whiskey bottle. It stand 6" tall, 3-1/4" wide and 1-1/4" thick.
Type: Scene of Policeman and Criminal   Maker's Name: Gurkin, Bob
Category: Figures   Made Where: Raleigh, NC
Bottle Size: 6" x 3 1/4"   Year Made: 2012
Bottle Type: Old Quaker 1/2 pint