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Bottle 824 - Ship and Harbor
Date Added: 25 July 2010

Historically significant - apparently made by someone who envisioned Germany conquest of Russia during WW II. Bearing a Nazi Swastika flag, model ship is depicted as sailing triumphantly into St. Petersburg harbor, with onion-style domed buildings in highly detailed diorama. High seawall made with small stones. Ship also highly detailed (7 inches in length), with delicate masts and spars made from red needles. Diorama includes Russian military statue of soldier (silver plated) in a park. Each building and lighthouse painted with heavy lacquers. Germany lost both World Wars partly due to fanatical nationalistic desire to conquer Russia. *From the collection of R Michael Owens (Rmyklo)
Type: 5 Mast Clipper   Maker's Name:
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 11"   Year Made: 1941
Bottle Type: Oblong Flask