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Bottle 796 - Annelise
Date Added: 07 April 2013

This is a fine scene of a three mast ship, the "Annelise" anchored outside a large land mass. The ship is nicely made with a great deal of detail. The hull is white with three thin red strips. There are 15 brass portholes along the length of the hull. The name "Annelise" is on the bow of the ship. It is believed to be the name of a woman who was significant to the builder of this model. An anchor is on suspended by chain from the bow. The ship has three masts with sails rolled up on the yardarms. At the top of each mast is a "crow's nest." A large Norwegian flag flies form the mizzenmast. There are four large cabins , painted white with green roofs. Each have brass portholes along the side. On two of the cabins are lifeboats. There are two large life boats in the stern of the ship suspended from davits. The land is divided into three main areas with a wide and long wall painted white with red mortar lines. In the area in the end of the bottle is a tall lighthouse and a large house nearby. The middle section has a large building with tall towers on each end. The section in the front of the bottle has a large church, a market, and a tall signal pole with shroud and ratlines. There are three flags flying from the top. There is a cream colored plaque on the tall mountain which has "H. Brack" in pencil. This is the name of the artist of this model. In the neck of the bottle, is a small ship measuring 5 .5 cm in length. This ship is modeled much like the large one except it has 13 sails flying and a blue, white, and red striped flag flying, perhaps that of France. The ship rests on a very ornate custom made wooden stand with "1963" and a lifesaver with the flag of Norway in the center.
Type: Sailing Ship Diorama   Maker's Name: Brack, H.
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Norway
Bottle Size: 13 3/4" x 3 1/2"   Year Made: 1963
Bottle Type: Unidentified with "GB" raised on glass