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Bottle 734 - Smile
Date Added: 16 November 2010

This is a humorous and light hearted whimsey. It is built in a small 200 ml (8.8 fl oz) liquor bottle. The message is written in pencil which is nailed to the support. The support continues through the neck, which has now browned over the years. A bottle cap now covers the threads the the bottle. The whimsey was made by Virgil I. Rohl, and his initials, V.I.R, is written in pencil in the back. This artist made another bottle containing a H.T. Webster carton built in 1985.
Type: Humorous Whimsey   Maker's Name: Rohl, Virgil
Category: Whimsey   Made Where: Texas
Bottle Size: 200 ml   Year Made: 1980's
Bottle Type: 8.8 fl oz liquor bottle