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Bottle 590 - Sue Wheels
Date Added: 02 January 2008

This is a model of a 1949 Jaguar XK120, called "Sue's Wheels" built in a 30 ml serum bottle. The two inner base pieces and three auto sections were carved from Poplar. The headlights are bits of round toothpicks plus a dab of putty. Taillights were sanded from modern (composition) round-headed pins. The tires were sliced from the small end of a Paper-Mate brand Den, painted black about their perimeters, with punched styrene disks glued into each. One disk matches the red car color topped by another disk of chrome (red & chrome from an unused AAA bumper sticker). Phone wire painted black forms the steering wheel. The car interior was painted white. The windshield is of clear plastic, trimmed with cigarette pack foil. The knot about the bottle neck is of fishing line, and the original rubber stopper was replaced with a cork.
Type: Sue Wheels in Bottle   Maker's Name: Hand, Charles
Category: Vehicle   Made Where: Canton, N.C.
Bottle Size: 30 ml   Year Made: 2007
Bottle Type: Serum Bottle