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Bottle 413 - Horts
Date Added: 02 March 2006

This is what is known as a memory bottle with photographs of a man and woman who may be deceased and the reason why the bottle was made. In addition, the bottle contains the scene of the crucifixion and multiple religious symbols. There is a wooden cross with a cut out from probably a Holy Card of Jesus hanging from the cross. Above his head is a plaque with unidentifiable script. Near the waist of Jesus is anther cutout of a woman with a head scarf, perhaps Mary. In front of that cut out is a larger cutout of an unidentified Man in a coat and tie. In front of the man is an unidentified woman in a long sleeve blouse and a pin on her collar. Between the man and woman is a red feather. In front of the woman is a paper die showing the fronts of 4 dice. To one side of the cross is a ladder with 9 rungs and to the other side a sponge and spear on long poles. Midway on the poles is a piece of paper in the shape of pliers glued on. A flail with blue and red threads hangs from the cross arm of the cross. From the backside you can see a paper hammer and rooster and another red feather at the base of the cross. Where the cross arm meets the upright, is a holy card cutout of Joseph. A much large paper cut out of Mary holding Jesus as a baby in her lap is mounted at the base of the cross. The wooden cross rests on a wooden piece of wood on the base and under this piece of wood is a piece of paper which states: "HORTS René 17-6-1948." This may be the name of the artist and year the bottle is made.
Type: Memory Bottle   Maker's Name: René, Horts
Category: Religious   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 8 7/8" x 2 7/8"   Year Made: 1948, June 17
Bottle Type: Phosoforme Drouet & Plet