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Bottle 385 - Great Republic
Date Added: 01 January 2006

This is a model of the 1853 "Great Republic" sailing on a choppy sea of green. The hull is solid black except for a thin white strip near the top and the very top in a thin band of red. There are 4 masts with 25 sail, each marked to show where there were stitched and sewn. On top of each mast is a banner, one in red, blue, green and yellow. An American flag flies from the rear sail. There are 3 deck cabins, each painted white with port holes in black and a red roof. The bottle is an unidentified light green bottle with a large inverted dimple on the bottom. It is sealed with a cork and the end of the bottle and cork is painted red. The bottle rests on a plinth with a plaque "Great Republic" 1853.
Type: 4 Mast Clipper Barque   Maker's Name:
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 12 1/4" x 3"   Year Made: 1960 - 1970
Bottle Type: Unidentified light green