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Bottle 350 - Crucifixion and Symbols
Date Added: 01 October 2005

This is a crucifixion scene with Jesus on the cross. The cross is in natural wood and has a lap joint cross arm. Jesus is cut out from an old Holy Card. The bottom section o the cross is carved in 6 block sections with an "x" carved on 3 sides of the middle blocks. The cross sits in a base also made with a lap joint forming a cross. The base is nestled in a bed of brown grass like fiber. Mounted to the front of the base is a flail with a red thread forming the whip. Behind the flail is a delicate long spear with a carved point. Opposite it is an equally long pole with a sponge on the end. To the left side of the base is a long carved post, perhaps to illustrate a tall narrow tree. It is carved the entire length. Next to this is a carved small tree with carved tree sections. There is an identical tree on the right side of the base. Also, mounted to the ride side is a ladder with 9 rungs. A red thread is wrapped along both sides of the ladder from top to bottom. On the back side of the base is a long carved column with a delicately carved rooster on the top. At the base of the column is a holy card cut out of what looks to be the "Sacred Heart of Jesus" resting against a bed of green flowers or leaves. In front of that is a hammer with a long delicate handle. Opposite the hammer is a pair of pliers also delicately carved. Glued to the glass on the backside and near the top are 2 angels cut from Holy Cards. The bottle is sealed with a wooden shaft with a tamper-proof cross arm inside the bottle at the opening making it impossible to remove the shaft. Outside the bottle there is a carve wooden "Acorn" fixed to the wooden shaft.
Type: Crucifixion   Maker's Name:
Category: Religious   Made Where:
Bottle Size: 6 1/2" x 2 3/8"   Year Made: 1900 - 1910
Bottle Type: Unidentified "300" on bottom