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Bottle - Last Supper in a Bottle
Date Added: 05 February 2017

This bottle contains a scene of the Last Supper. There is a large table with a high back rest going around three sides of the table. A white paper serves as a table cloth and skirt for the table. In the center section of the table is the figure of Jesus with three disciples on one side and three on the other side. On each side of the table are three more disciples for a total of 13 figures seated at the table. In front of the 12 disciples are metal plates with a loaf of bread on each plate and a large red goblet. There are two other plates on the table. One plate has three large loaf of bread on it and the other plate is full for a variety of fruit. Jesus is holding up a large communion host with "HIS" written in pencil. The chalice of Jesus is gold painted. The bottle rests on a large wooden stand. Written on the back of the stand is the following: "From Mr. Fred Selinsky handmade by him 3/31/66 Phoenix, NY"
Type: Christ and Disciples at Last Supper in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Selinsky, Fred
Category: Religious   Made Where: Phoenix, NY
Bottle Size: 12" x 6"   Year Made: 1966, March 30
Bottle Type: Duraglas One Gallon