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Bottle 984 - Gecko
Date Added: 11 May 2012

As my 2 month stay in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti waiting to finish our adoption has become a 6 month stay, I needed something to occupy myself. There is a thriving folk art industry near us in Croix-des-Bouquets called Village Artistique De Noailles, or to Americans simply the Tin Village. They make many wonderful things including these colorful geckos. They are made of a stiff sheet metal & cut & finished & painted all by hand & sell for a nominal cost. I was there & saw this & it just hit me, why not bottle it & so once home, it took only a few minutes to put in one of the Mistic bottles I had saved here. Mistic is one of the most commonly drank non-alcoholic beverages in Haiti. I am calling this the beginning (maybe) of my Mistic-al line of bottles. The bottle height including cap- 7 & 13/16" tall or 20cm. Width of bottle at widest- 2 & 7/8" Opening at its smallest width- 1 & 5/32" or 3cm Gecko width 2 & 1/2" There is no glue involved currently, though I am considering gluing it just for longevity. The gecko is more than double the width of the smallest width of the bottle neck & it is one solid piece of metal. The reverse side is not painted, though I wish it was. People ask how I got it in there & I say, "It just crawled in there!". Inside the bottle cap is written- "Made by Chris Wood in PaP, Haiti May 5, 2012 mistic-al"
Type: Gecko   Maker's Name: Wood, Chris
Category: Figures   Made Where: Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
Bottle Size: 7 13/16" x 2 7/8"   Year Made: 2012, May 5
Bottle Type: Mistic