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Bottle 924 - Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria in a Bottle
Date Added: 25 February 2016

This bottle contains the three ships from Columbus' 1492 voyage to the America's. The ships are the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. The ships are very nicely made and are show sailing together on a calm sea. Each of the sails on the ship have a large red cross. Christopher Columbus sailed on ships and crews belonging to Isabella I, Queen regnant of Castile and León. Isabella & her husband Ferdinand II of Aragon, had just driven the Moers from the Iberian peninsula. Being a Christian Kingdom with the support of the Pope, the Spanish ship sail bore the Holy Cross upon their sails. Spain kept the Cross on their sail for the next 300 years. Inside the neck of the bottle is a lifeboat with oars. The bottle is sealed with a green cap and there is a Turk's Head knot around the neck. It rests on a wooden plinth with "Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria" on one side and "Christopher Columbus" on the other. There is a cross on the top. "Made by B. Stratton 2008" is written on the end of the stand.
Type: Ships of Columbus 1492 in a Bottle   Maker's Name: B. Stratton
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK
Bottle Size: Unidentified   Year Made: 2008
Bottle Type: Unidentified