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Bottle 909 - Brig
Date Added: 21 April 2011

This is a model of a Brig sailing on a sea of green. It was built in 1975 by George Fulfit. The ship has two masts with square rigging both the main mast and the mizzen mast. The ship has 17 sails and the rigging is nicely detailed with both standing and running rigging. There is a Canadian flag suspended from the rigging in the stern of the ship. There is a wonderful sea gull flying high above the ship. The trademark gull was a noted feature George Fulfit put in his wonderful bottles. The bottle is sealed with a cork and inside the bottleneck is a label signed by George fulfit and the year 1975.
Type: Brig in a Bottle   Maker's Name: Fulfit, George
Category: Sailing Ships   Made Where: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Bottle Size: 9 3/4" x 5"   Year Made: 1975
Bottle Type: 26 oz wine bottle  

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